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Custom Radiant offers Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV), which is a heating system that is an energy efficient way for you to bring in new filtered air while removing stale air filled with humidity and pollutants.

The system works with a set of ducts that collect all the moisture and pollutants in the air from your home and moves them through the HRV system pushing it outside. Another duct pulls in new air from outside. While the two air streams go by each other inside the heat exchanger core, heat is transferred from the old outgoing air to the new incoming air. Rest assured there is never any mixing of the two air-streams. And this system is able to save up to 85% of the outgoing energy of the old air.

Custom Radiant can install your HRV system on new construction or existing homes. HRV units can work with your duct ventilating systems or as a stand-alone system. They can even work with your Radiant In-floor Heating!

Why not just open a window to let fresh air in and old air out?

Opening a window doesn’t filter incoming air or accurately control ventilation rates. An HRV is designed to be energy efficient and exchange the air to:

  • Bring in the fresh air you want at a rate you choose
  • Clean the incoming air
  • Exhaust or let out the stale air, moisture, and pollutants, while
  • Recovering up to 85% of the heating or cooling energy.

Still not convinced? Do you ever notice water or moisture build up on the windows in your home? That’s because the average person can put out 6 pounds of water each day into the home through every day activities such as cleaning, cooking and even breathing. And that means your current system isn’t taking care of that excessive moisture.

How can excess moisture be a problem for you and your home?

  • Mold allergies and microorganisms can start to build up
  • It can seep into walls and woodwork causing dry rot & structural problems
  • It can cause musty odors, wallpaper to peel, paint to discolor
  • Condensation in walls and on windows

Today’s homes are built so tightly that no air is coming in and out and everything gets trapped inside, which means the air your body breaths out as well, otherwise known as carbon dioxide (C02). This can make your home feel stuffy, irritate your allergies, and the more people you have in your home the more C02. Side effects from C02 can vary from tiredness to ongoing headaches.

Installing an HRV system can not only help with these possible symptoms but can help keep your home clear of possible pollutants, allergens, and excess moisture problems so you and your loved ones can breathe easier.

Benefits of Yearly Service Agreements:

Talk to your technician or contact us to learn more about our service agreements and how they can help you!

Preventative Maintenance

Extend the life of your equipment and prevent costly repairs. Let us promote a safer environment for your dwelling by conducting a yearly cleaning and safety checks.

Priority Service

We will provide you with normal and/or emergency service before non-priority service customers.

Cost Savings

You will not be billed additional trip charges & in the event of emergency services you will incur no after hour fees.


Upon your written notification, service agreements are fully transferable to the new owner.


Don't forget to talk to your technician to see if you qualify for rebates. Click here for more information.

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